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How Mary O'Neill's & Associates Works


"Your ability to create high quality, productive relationships is fast becoming

 the most important factor in getting your work done at all."

- Christopher M. Avery
Author of "Team Building is an Individual Skill"

The Training and Coaching Process is organized into three phases:

how we work


Transformational Coaching and Training:

  Transforming an ordinary working environment into an extraordinary place in which professionals can grow and thrive, is all about building great relationships.
  Mary O'Neill's coaching and training services help individuals and teams function and co-exist more harmoniously, productively and successfully.


Phase I: Discovery

What does success look like? What are the obstacles?

  A core value at Mary O'Neill & Associates is that we listen before making any recommendations. It is critically important to understand your perspective - and others' - to get a firm grasp on the complex issues you and/or your team are facing.
  Therefore, as a first step, we begin with the end in mind.
  To help you create your picture of success, we utilize a pre-program questionnaire to zero in on the most pressing issues and identify one (or more) of the 4 most common obstacles to achieving your goals.
  We help you clarify your dreams and create a snapshot of your aspirations. This conversation ensures a highly successful professional development plan and starts you and/or your team on the journey.


Phase II: Challenge

What are your goals and objectives? What action steps do you need to take?

  The next step is to clarify your values, goals and objectives and establish a primary focus for you and/or your team's professional development.
  Through individual and team assessments - and individual and group (if appropriate) conversations - we identify the factors that are contributing to the current situation. Based on this feedback, recommendations are provided to leverage strengths, and a development plan is created to build competencies and guide the process.
  Skill-building to maximize individual or team performance begins with a customized program, to include appropriate challenges designed to move individuals and/or teams out of their comfort zones to develop targeted new skills.


Phase III: Support

Professional Development and Skill Mastery

The third step is an ongoing process aimed at expanding the capacities of interpersonal effectiveness, team building and leadership development. This support encourages continued engagement and provides a reinforcing structure for taking on the challenge of meeting goals and monitoring and evaluating progress. This phase includes coaching and training to help you - and/or other key team members - develop greater leadership abilities, improve communication, anticipate and manage other challenges, and maximize overall effectiveness for greater harmony, productivity and profitability.




"In regular coaching sessions, Mary O'Neill used her amazingly unique ability to connect to most every human being to help me understand and overcome some of my own impediments and become a more open, accessible team leader."

-Richard Hixon, CEO

Lakewood Dental Care

North Little Rock, Arkansas




"We have had other conflict resolution classes... Mary O'Neill's was, by far, the best... Mary is masterful in creating a safe, open environment for the participants to discuss their real life concerns and issues."

-Liz Paris, Training and Development Officer

Marin County Government Offices, San Rafael, California



"Mary O'Neill's coaching helped our director get organized, stay focused and better manage operations. Relationships in her department have been positively enhanced. She is more autonomous, upbeat and positive; work habits have improved, deadlines have been met; and her team is running more smoothly and efficiently."

-Hank Lewis, COO

Littler Mendelson,

San Francisco, California