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Services Offered


"We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle

Interpersonal and Team Effectiveness: Stretch, change and grow!

  Mary O'Neill & Associates Training and Coaching Programs help individuals and teams learn by doing, and by building upon the habit of harmony and excellence.
  Mary O'Neill's dynamic, upbeat and content-rich training programs help individuals and workgroups pave the way for more successful, productive and high functioning relationships.
  Our professional development coaching programs help people and teams develop greater effectiveness, by understanding and overcoming some of their own impediments, allowing them to become more open and accessible managers and leaders.


Services Offered

    I. Onsite Training Programs
    II. Professional Development Coaching
    III. Seminar Series
    IV. Mediation and Counseling Services







Benefits of Professional Development Training and Coaching:

  Maximize performance Reduce stress
  Integrate constructive feedback Resolve conflict
  Develop Insight Develop strategies to meet goals
  Learn new skills Devise do-able action plans
  Improve interpersonal skills Develop follow through
  Increase accountability Maintain consistency
  Clarify and achieve goals Overcome obstacles
  Brainstorm ideas and options Achieve Goals
  Manage change    

I. Onsite Training Programs: 1-2 Days

  Team building is a data-based intervention that maximizes the strengths and improvement opportunities of a work team and then prepares and implements plans to increase the team's overall effectiveness. Team building aims to increase the team's ability to diagnose and solve its own problems.
  Every program is designed exclusively to meet your group's specific needs




Topics include:

      Maximizing Team Performance
      The Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills Workshop
      The Leadership Challenge Workshop
      The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Star Performance
      The Best Year Yet: Annual Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Workshop

II. Professional Development Coaching:

for performance, skill building and competency development

  Business professionals who have utilized Mary as a thinking partner, encourager, or confidant, have discovered that coaching helped them gain tremendous personal and professional insight and provided the edge desired to create extraordinary results in their lives and careers.
  Whether zeroing in on a particular project or task, or focusing on a client's overall effectiveness in present or future career responsibilities, or addressing complex business or strategic issues, - or simply learning to create more balance - coaching accelerates a client's progress by reinforcing strengths, targeting competency areas in need of improvement and providing greater focus and awareness of choice.




The coaching process may include:

      Evaluating Performance and Skills
      Identifying Developmental Goals
      Establishing a Primary Coaching Focus
      Creating a Developmental Plan
      Designing Achievable Steps
      Practicing New Behaviors
      Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

III. Leadership Development:
Seminar Series for Business Professionals

"Leadership development is ultimately self-development."

- Kouzes and Posner

Authors of "The Leadership Challenge"



Topics include:

      The Official Leadership Challenge Workshop
      The Conflict Solution
      The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Star Performance
      Managing Stress for Success

Dates: Twice yearly - Winter/Spring and Fall
Location: The San Francisco Bay Area


V. Mediation/Partnership Counseling:

"Communication is the largest single determining factor in what happens to you

in ife and the kind of relationships you create."

- Virginia Satir

Author of "People Making"


It's inevitable. At some point in every working relationship, needs clash.
To navigate challenges successfully and arrive at a mutually satisfying solution, the help of a neutral third party can be invaluable.


Here are just some of the challenges many doctors and spouses face:

  He/She doesn't know how to/won't leave conflict at home
  He/She has different ideas about how thebusiness needs to grow - or downsize
  He/She wants to work forever; He/She wants to retire now!
  He/She is over/under involved!
  He/She can't take it anymore!


During the coaching process, Mary works with each client to co-create a highly specific action plan geared towards achieving desired results. Jointly, you will establish an agenda, clarify values, goals and objectives, brainstorm creative options, set do-able action steps and work at removing obstacles to your success.



"Some of the most important competencies of executive leadership are the abilities to integrate data, communicate meaningfully and build relationships. In this sense, leadership is a psychological process that takes place in a psychological environment."

-Jeffrey Auerbach, Ph.D.,
Author of "Personal and

Executive Coaching"



Mary O'Neill's two decades as a licensed psychotherapist, enable her to provide individuals and work groups with great insight into the understanding of how people and teams function and how they can co-exist more harmoniously and successfully.


Mary O'Neill is masterful at helping individuals and teams easily grasp and resolve the often challenging communication and interpersonal issues that arise among work groups everywhere.