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What Meeting Planners Say About Mary...


"You continue to dazzle them at our MAP 3: Quest for the Best in Dentistry" Team Building Retreats! Thank you for another year of extraordinary programs. We can hardly wait to hear them cheer at our next retreat, here are some of the fabulous comments we have received since you began working with us as a featured presenter:


"Without a question, Mary O'Neill was the best presenter I've seen with mastery of material that is second to none."

- Sam Guarnieri, DDS; Pittsford, NY


"Conflict resolution course was great! Time spent with my team discussing areas of concern pertinent to our office was of greatest value."

- Kevin Winters, DDS; Claremore, OK


"This was great. My second time around and it was better than the first!"

- David Yates, DDS, Marietta, GA


"If you want to explode your practice, it is really important to bring key staff and every staff member is key! I am glad I brought all sixteen members!"

- Brad Hester, DDS; Bend, OR

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. You have energized, motivated and inspired our clients and their team members to easily, peaceably and systematically move through conflict - one of the biggest barriers to achieving their goals Thanks - you are second to none!"

- Kathy Larson, Program Coordinator, Master Plan Alliance for Dentists


"I wish to thank you for sharing your expertise at The 24th Annual Session of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, in New Orleans. Below are some of the comments we received:

  Wow! Mary positively impacts each and every person in the room. I want to learn more from her. I've been changed by the time spent!
  Wonderful! Fantastic presentation and dynamic speaker!
  Awesome! Please bring her back next year!
  Great speaker! Very knowledgeable
  Very informative... can apply to work and personal life. Lots of food for thought and things to practice
   Great! Bring Mary back!

- Kelly Radcliff, Meeting Coordinator, The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


"Many thanks for the great leadership program you presented to our constituents officers. Our group can be difficult to please, yet your presentation was so very well received. I look forward to doing it again!"
- Karen Dunn Caspers,  Director of Administration and HR Development, The American Dental Hygienists Association


"Mary O'Neill was recently the main speaker for The Academy of Dental Management Consultants, for which I was program chair. We were more than delighted to have her. Mary is engaging, interesting, and a thoroughly enjoyable speaker. Our group was impressed with her content, big heart and big brain. We listened, "workshopped", and interacted - so important in adult learning - we would absolutely have her back!"
- Debbie Castagna, President-Elect, The Academy of Dental Management Consultants


"Thank you so much for your excellent presentation to The Association of Component Society Executives of the American Dental Association. Your topic was engaging for the entire audience. You offered valuable information for the attendees to take home to their organization and also to enrich their personal and professional lives. Your motivational and inspirational presentation was one of the highlights of the evening."
- Cheryl Mina, President, The Association of Component Society Executives, The American Dental Association


"Your presentation was the highlight of the American Association of Women Dentists' Annual Conference and that sentiment was echoed by all in attendance."

- Rise Lyman, president, American Association of Women Dentists


"Your talk was extremely well received... Many participants commented on how practical and uplifting it was. Some of the comments included: 'Mary is a great speaker. She is engaging and energetic. I enjoyed her humor and practicality.' Others said, 'I appreciated the entertaining quality and high value of material presented.' Lastly, one person said. 'Mary was fantastic - fun and informative.' On behalf of the California Medical Center and the community, we thank you for your participation in this exciting and stimulating event."

- Linda Joy Hummel, Ph.D., Program Coordinator, Women's Health Programs, California Pacific Medical Center


"One of the best indicators to me on the success of a speaker is how big of an audience there is after the lunch break - with your presentation the room was full to the end! Our participants agreed you presented information that was useful both personally and professionally, providing skills that can be applied in everyday life. They said:

  Kept a difficult topic interesting and funny
  Great communicator; thoughtful presentation
  Very dynamic presenter - easy to listen to!

- Judy Bangs, Executive Director, Snohomish County Dental Society