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Who Mary O'Neill & Associates Works With


"If you're not practicing at what you want to be,

 you are practicing at what you don't want to become."

- Pema Chodron
Author, "Start Where You Are"


Mary O'Neill works with professionals who are committed to becoming more effective leaders and helping their team members grow by building a culture of cooperation, harmony and success.

  We work with corporate executives, business owners, professional service providers, healthcare teams and educational institutions, who recognize that their ability to create high quality, productive relationships is one of the most important factors to their success.
  While they are blessed with superior business skills, they want to develop greater competencies in the areas of team building, communication and conflict resolution, so they can resolve differences quickly and economically and keep their team on task.


Most importantly, Mary's clients know that their team's inability to get along:

  spoils relationships
  negatively impacts performance
  negatively impacts production and profitability
  impedes progress towards goals
  obstructs both short and long term vision


Yet relatively few business professionals know how to skillfully deal with these kinds of relationship challenges that occur in every workplace. So, they hire Mary to help them accelerate their success.


Do any of these statements ring true for you?

  A shared, compelling vision seems to be lacking
  Communication has broken down; trust and respect has eroded
  Conflicts are not being addressed quickly - or sometimes too quickly!
  Personalities are clashing, gossip has increased
  Tension has grown among team members
  Bad attitudes have brought others down
  You've interceded and "failed"; now you've lost your mojo!
  Professed values are not in alignment with some team members' actions
  Team meetings are unproductive, perceived as a "waste of time"
  Goals are unclear, or not being met; production is inconsistent
  Performance reviews are not routinely done; when they are, they're not ideal
  Some team members leave early; some are consistently late
  Follow through and thoroughness is lacking
  Much-needed training is not happening
  A less-than-an-ideal climate of cooperation and teamwork exists
  Individual accountability is a problem



You are most likely to succeed in working with Mary O'Neill & Associates if:

  You have a passion for your profession, business and team.
  You place a high value on building relationships and helping others get along.
  You understand that there is a vital link between interpersonal effectiveness and high level success.
  You are willing to challenge the process, are open to changing and developing new skills.
  You encourage a climate of trust and openness.
  You place a value on personal growth and professional development.
  You are curious, collaborative and flexible.
  You are willing to separate people from the problem, and remain focused on the real issues.
  You respect the ideas and talents of others and can listen to differing viewpoints.
  You have the time and resources to work on your business.
  You adhere to high standards of honesty and integrity.
  You are willing to model the way and inspire a shared vision.
  You want to establish new behavioral standards and have team members practice them.
  You place a high value on happiness, harmony and prosperity.
  You want your organization to be a great place to work at.
  You want to enjoy going to work everyday and want your team to feel that way, too!



Mary O'Neill & Associates provides groups of all sizes with specific, tangible and practical tools to build great relationships.


Mary O'Neill's background in psychology combined with a natural ability to easily build rapport with individuals of different ages, gender, cultures and ethnic backgrounds, lends itself to the development of trusting relationships and encourages people and teams to stretch and take risks needed for growth and change.



"The content and delivery of your presentations never fail to impress! Reaction to our EQ Workshops was very positive, and managers are expressing optimism about using their assessment results to grow - personally as well as professionally. Thank you for the rave reviews and the results!"

-Trudy Jamieson, Training Director
The Exchange Bank



"The evaluations ... contained the highest marks possible for your teaching methods, content, and effectiveness ... a few of the participants' comments:

'Very Engaging'
'She helped me understand myself'
'Terrific presentation!'"

-Dr. Ann Womack, Director, Faculty Development
Heald College Annual

Teacher Conference