Executive & Team Coaching

What Executive & Team Coaching Entails:

Phase I: Discovery
What does success look like?

A core value at Mary O’Neill & Associates is that we listen before making any recommendations. It is critically important to understand your perspective, and others’, to get a firm grasp on the complex issues you and/or your team are facing. 

Therefore, as a first step, we begin with the end in mind.

To help you create your picture of success, we conduct an in-depth strategy session to zero in on the most pressing issues and identify the best next steps to take to achieve your goals.

We help you clarify your dreams and create a snapshot of your aspirations. This conversation ensures a highly successful professional development plan and starts you and/or your team on the journey.


Phase II: Challenge
What are the goals & objectives?

The next step is to clarify your values, goals and objectives and establish a primary focus for you and/or your team's professional development.

Through individual and team assessments - and individual and group (if appropriate) conversations - we identify the factors that are contributing to the current situation. Based on this feedback, recommendations are provided to leverage strengths, and a development plan is created to build competencies and guide the process.

Skill-building to maximize individual or team performance begins with a customized program, to include appropriate challenges designed to move individuals and/or teams out of their comfort zones to develop targeted new skills.

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Phase III: Support
Professional Development & Skill Mastery

The third step is an ongoing process aimed at expanding the capacities of interpersonal effectiveness, team building and leadership development. This support encourages continued engagement and provides a reinforcing structure for taking on the challenge of meeting goals and monitoring and evaluating progress. 

This phase includes coaching and training to help you - and/or other key team members - develop greater leadership abilities, improve communication, anticipate and manage other challenges, and maximize overall effectiveness for greater harmony, productivity and profitability.

An effective leader is always aiming to align his/her actions with their values. Through values clarification, clients can determine if they are on track with their intentions – or whether their values have become a “wish list” of sorts that needs attention. 

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Mary will be happy to discuss your goals and objectives and help you determine whether coaching might be the best next step.