A Little About Me....

Every executive coach brings their own style and strength to their work. I’m all about relationships and behavior change. I’m passionate about helping people interact and communicate more effectively.

Mary O'Neill, MA, MFT

Mary O'Neill, MA, MFT

My background and training in Humanistic Psychology, Positive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Living Systems Theory, along with two decades of experience as a licensed psychotherapist, have provided a unique insight into motivation and behavior, and a broad perspective of human experience and development.

This understanding of how people function - and co-exist successfully- combined with years of experience in the business world, doing top performance training and coaching, is evident throughout every tailor-made coaching and training program. 

Whether creating a personal development plan, zeroing in on skill-building, or working to improve a team’s performance, my background in psychology helps to facilitate a more rapid assessment of the behaviors most in need of change and quickly identify the best course of action to take.

This unique combination of business and psychology also lends itself to the development of trusting relationships, which encourages people and teams to stretch, grow and change - and accelerates progress toward targeted goals.

My Guiding Beliefs & Values...

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Leadership is all about self-development. Success begins with heightening your awareness, taking 100% responsibility for your actions, committing to a plan and following through.

If you want to motivate, influence, and collaborate with others, you need to develop EQ. Without it you simply cannot lead effectively. You certainly won’t be at your best.

Leadership is a wisdom practice. At the heart of that practice are three tools: self-observation, self-inquiry and mindful action. Working with all three tools can lead to lasting change.

Your “trigger” is your gift. That’s where your works lies. The challenges that irk you the most will be your greatest teachers. You can learn how to manage these difficult emotions and ineffective responses to be the leader you were meant to be. 

Learning to pause - and not go with your initial, often unhelpful, emotional reactions - can transform your life.

What does this all mean for you?

 It means that it is possible to create a positive workplace culture - though emotionally intelligent leadership
- where you and your team can grow and thrive!