Training & Executive Coaching Programs

Purpose: The purpose of our training and executive coaching programs is to help your team and organization work in harmony and alignment, with better communication, cooperation and collaboration.

These Programs are For: Individuals and organizations who feel that their managers and teams could work together more productively and effectively by creating a positive workplace environment where people thrive.

These are the kinds of results clients typically see from our work together:

Clients become more focused on relationship-building which harnesses the productivity power of an organization. When this happens, day-to-day tasks and technical issues tend take care of themselves.

Clients become better communicators. They become clearer about the “why” and “how” of their message. They learn to take ownership and be more direct, but not off-putting. Feedback is given and received skillfully. 

Clients become more emotionally intelligent. They really get to know themselves and discover what really matters, what makes them tick. They heighten their awareness of how they think, feel and behave in different settings and with different people; they know what their “hot buttons” are and the best thing to do when they’re pushed. 

Clients create higher performing teams. They learn how to build trust, inspire, motivate, and arouse enthusiasm in their direct reports by sharpening their awareness. By doing so, they increase their effectiveness and credibility. Herein lies the key to positive change.

Clients become better leaders. They get clear on what they truly want to accomplish and – and why – and what’s standing in their way of getting there. They learn how to remain calm under pressure, so they don’t say things they’ll later regret. Clients learn to walk their talk. First, however, they clarify what that talk is.