Professional Development Training

Custom Tailored to Your Team’s Needs.
No cookie-cutter approach!

Right from the start, we work closely together to determine which training programs are best for you and your group. Every program is upbeat, dynamic and content rich - and custom tailored to your team’s needs. 

And we work with you side by side to ensure that the content, curriculum and activities are aligned with your organization’s values, mission and vision.

An Aligned & Inspired Leadership Team:

Mary O’Neill & Associates provides tangible, practical tools and life changing advice that individuals can readily apply to current leadership challenges. Team members learn to identify strengths, areas in need improvement, obstacles to achieving goals and then design an action plan that paves the way for extraordinary success. 

By applying the best leadership practices and cutting-edge knowledge, you and your team learn how to build trust, resolve conflict, inspire commitment, and motivate performance, resulting in a more positive workforce culture. 

By creating a climate of greater harmony, teamwork and trust, the positive energy of your group will be focused on building great relationships, collaborating successfully and accomplishing goals. 

Once the knowledge and requisite leadership and management skills are acquired, the sky’s the limit!

Authentic Leadership Presence:

This is not about “karaoke leadership,” where you step into someone else’s song! This is about developing exemplary leaders by helping individuals clarify their values, find their own voice and discover what it truly means to be their personal best. They will gain insights into key executive leadership practices needed to become extraordinary leaders.

Learn what it truly takes to cultivate a leadership style that creates trust and clarity and guides you and your team toward greater performance and profit.  

Enhanced Individual & Organizational Performance:

Not only do executives and teams improve, they also have a substantially greater impact on their organization. 

Develop communication skills, to better understand the use and power of words, tone of voice and body language, to create the results you want. Learn how to value differences and encourage open, honest communication.

Learning how to function and co-exist more successfully helps to pave the way for more productive and high functioning relationships, which not only benefits the entire company, it also results in enhanced customer/client/member relations. It can even improve your reputation within your industry. 

Build your “Emotional Intelligence” to develop greater self-awareness, sharpen discernment, improve interpersonal skills and enhance decision-making.

 Choose from a Wide Range of Training Program Topics, such as…

  • The Official Leadership Challenge Workshop

  • A Coaching Approach to Developing Exemplary Leaders

  • The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence Skills for Team Leaders and Managers

  • Team Building: Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions

  • Developing Your Conflict Competence

  • Communications Skills Workshop

  • The Change Curve: What Everyone Needs to Know to Successfully Navigate the Predictable Stages of Change

To find out more information, set up a no-obligation call. Mary will be happy to discuss your training needs and concerns, and help you determine which program may be the right fit.