You may be experiencing some of the following leadership challenges:

These scenarios are more common than you think,
although the details may differ:

Poor Communication
& Conflict

This can be one person in an organization or several. And it’s hurting productivity and spoiling relationships. No matter how intelligent this person or group might be, staff members won’t willingly follow leaders who don’t communicate respectfully, effectively manage their emotions and demonstrate that they care.

Poor Social & People Skills

Having employees with varying skill sets can be crucial to business success. However, often those whose skills are more technical than managerial have less than optimal social skills that rub others the wrong way.

Ineffectual Employees

Often the last person to realize they’re lacking in EQ or leadership competencies is the ineffectual person. They may think they’re doing ok, yet their lack of knowledge or training can wreak havoc on the team’s performance. They either don’t notice or resist feedback. You’re tempted to fire this person if they don’t change soon. 

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Disruptive Workers

The over-talkative and/or over-controlling person can be very disruptive in a collaborative setting. They may interrupt, not listen well and get into arguments. Worse, they can be so abrasive that they upset their co-workers, seriously damaging productivity.

Failing Performance

Managers who were once top performers are having problems. It might have been triggered by a personal setback, but the return to performance hasn’t happened yet and it’s having a negative impact. 

You may be having leadership
challenges yourself…

You got to where you did because of your hard work and ingenuity, but sometimes particularly challenging situations, like the ones below, call for more support.  

You’re a New Leader and you’ve inherited a group of direct reports. You need a high performing team, yet not everyone is a star performer. You’re grappling with how to best shape the group’s structure and evolve the team during this transition.

You’ve been tapped as the new CEO and are viewed as a change agent. You want to gain buy-in, instill trust, and garner the resources you will need. You’re wondering how to win others over and inspire a shared vision.

You know that the life of a leader is a balancing act. You don’t want to talk about the stress and complexity of your position with just anyone. You need support and are wondering whom you can trust as a thinking-partner and confidant.

You have a sense that the powerful components of your leadership style may come at the expense of more effective employee, client or customer relationships. You wonder if your direct approach might prevent you from building a more collaborative work environment and are interested in finding better ways to communicate.

You’ve been promoted from within and now your former peers are reporting to you. You don’t want to alienate anyone or make too many waves, while at the same time working to command respect and still preserve these relationships.

No matter the situation, you may be looking for someone to help you or your team resolve these tricky employee and leadership issues and challenges.