Are behavioral, performance or relationship issues keeping you or your team from reaching goals?

Are you seeing these workplace behaviors?      

  • Poor Communication

  • Unresolved Conflict

  • Abrasive Manners

  • Team Infighting

  • Lack of Accountability

These are common issues in every organization yet finding a reliable way to turn them around can be challenging. Yet, turning them around is exactly what you’d like to do.


Mary O’Neill’s Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Training and Coaching Programs aim to help you do just that.


Leadership Development
& Training programs

Mary O’Neill offers communication, leadership & emotional intelligence programs designed to improve you and your teams' overall effectiveness, focusing on enhancing people skills, which make the biggest difference in creating a more harmonious, positive workplace culture.

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Mary O’Neill works with leaders and their teams to resolve challenging people issues—issues that are frustrating and holding you or your team back from reaching your full potential. Acquiring the skills needed to maximize your contribution and effectiveness can change all that.

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